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Fox-y Lady

The style of Fox’s “America Live” anchor Megyn Kelly profiled in the LA Times

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As the Republican primary continues to charge onward into ambiguity, party members keep their eyes glued to the only non-liberal media elite outlet: Fox News. And that means a lot of attention is being paid to “America Live” host Megyn Kelly. So much so, that the Los Angeles Times just published an article specifically detailing the TV host’s on and off air style. While, the primary may be a mess, Kelly’s style is anything but. Excerpted below is six tips working women can take from Kelly on dressing professionally.

Reconsider the necessity of accesories:

Accessories, especially statement necklaces, are something she shuns both on and off camera. On TV, accessories can be distracting. Off the air, Kelly factors in the impracticality jewelry can pose while raising young kids…”I’m still getting spat up on,” she says. “And my son is whipping things across the room.”

Colors should be simple, but don’t be afraid to go bold:

Fashion stylist Gwen Marder, who has been dressing the on-air talent for 12 years, favors pops of solid, bright color, and there’s no shortage of it in Kelly’s wall of closets…”I really like our anchors to wear color because people react in such a visceral way to color,” Marder says. “It’s stimulating and pretty to look at on television.”

Heels, always:

Her footwear isn’t always visible on camera, but she contends that wearing a pair of heels makes a difference in her attitude and confidence, regardless of whether anyone can see them.

It’s ok to outfit repeat:

“It’s not taboo to wear the same thing twice in one season,” she says. “We don’t have enough of a wardrobe budget not to. We try and mix it up with different shoes and jackets.”

Keep flash in balance for a conservative look:

She wore a black Michael Kors dress during the South Carolina primary, adding that though dresses can be appropriate, she’s conscious not to wear anything too flashy.”If you’re wearing a pair of shoes that’s a little flashy, then it’s important not to be flashy up top and vice versa,” she says about her on-air outfit choices.

No one’s perfect, so just buy Spanx already:

As for any working woman expected to show up in a skirt or dress, foundation garments are not to be overlooked. “Don’t get me wrong, there’s a pair of Spanx under there,” Kelly says with a laugh. “I’m not a barbarian.”

Via Megyn Kelly’s classic fashion style — LA Times