Glee Competition Uniforms Throughout the Seasons

The Glee team competed in Regionals for the third time this week. It was a strange episode to say the least, with one attempted suicide and the team singing “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)” by Kelly Clarkson at the competition.

But do you know what else was off? The uniforms. For a show that can dress Kurt in $300 shirts, it can never seem to get these competition uniforms right. Perhaps the excuse is that they are trying to create a look that is realistic for a high school show choir team. Rebuttal: this is TV and the characters burst out into song in the middle of the hallway at school—designer dresses are o.k.

Here is a look at the Glee team’s competition uniforms from the past three seasons. You’ll find that they are all pretty much just versions of the same thing.

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