Will The Oscars Catch Downton Fever?

You can’t escape it. It peppers workplace banter, infiltrates phone calls to your mom, and your roommate will not sleep until you start watching it. Yes, Downton Abbey is everywhere.

Whether the PBS period piece lives up the hype is another thing. But the lavish costumes donned by the Crawley women each episode, never fail to amaze. Sure, some of the clothes are hand-me-downs from previous productions, and perhaps the historical accuracy is a little off, but the Edwardian dress is a breath of fresh air from the 60s-centric period pieces of late.

With The Academy Awards just a few weeks away, it will be interesting to see if the Edwardian look shows up on the red carpet. The conservative turn-of-the-century silhouette gained popularity pre-Downton with trendsetter and British singer Florence Welch.  Therefore, the collections from stand-by red carpet designers offer a plethora of Edwardian inspiration. Here’s a look at some of the Oscar contenders that even Lady Mary would proudly wear to dinner.

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