How “Girls” is not the new “Sex and the City” when it comes to fashion

HBO’s new Sunday night “comedy” Girls, is centered on the lives of four twenty-somethings growing up against the backdrop of New York City (Brooklyn, to be more precise). Because it centers on exactly four girls within the New York metropolitan-area, it’s already drawn comparisons to the other HBO show along those premises: Sex and the City. One way this comparison fails is in the fashion. By trying to portray the painfully harsh reality of the new awkward stage in life, show creator/star Lena Dunham has kept the clothing frumpy and uninspired. Certainly, nothing along the lines of the Carrie Bradshaw wardrobe Sarah Jessica Parker had it in her contract to keep at the end of the show.

There is something to be said about the characters resembling the Sex and the City heroines. Here is a girl by girl recap of who is who, and how their wardrobes differ.

The Carrie:

The most obvious match-up there is. Hannah Horvath (Lena Dunham) is the center of this show. She is also a writer, just like Carrie. Albeit Carrie actually gets paid to write her sex column, while Hannah is compiling her memoirs, one essay at a time, for free. Which is maybe why all of her clothing looks like it comes from the Salvation Army.

2. The Samantha

Another pretty easy match-up. Jessa (Jemima Kirke) is the Samantha because she is sexually promiscuous. She has a track record of stealing people’s boyfriends and hooking up with complete strangers in bar bathrooms. She has the only somewhat inspiring wardrobe of the quartet, but while her bohemian clothing is trendy, it’s also depressing because she only seems to wear autumnal colors.

3. The Miranda

This is where it gets tough. While Marnie certainly has a lot of the type-A qualities of Charlotte, she has to be the Miranda of this show because she’s thus far, the only one with a paid job. I guess that makes her  a working woman. And even though she’s just as immature as the rest of them, her wardrobe ages her to about 30—in a not good way. There’s nothing fun about the way she dresses.

4. The Charlotte

Shoshanna is kind of in a category all her own, but she probably most represents Charlotte. She’s the most optimistic and naive of the bunch, and with every right—she’s only in college. But for a girl who actually loves Sex and the City (she has a poster hanging on the wall in the Nolita apartment she shares with Jessa), she certainly hasn’t taken her fashion cues from the show. She wears a bit too many bows and ballet flats for someone in their twenties.

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