A Real Mess

Last week I wrote about the fashion on NBC drama Smash. In my post, I omitted one large gaping fact about the show: how shitty Debra Messing’s wardrobe is. This omission was conscious. The clothing they put on Messing is basically what a high school art teacher would wear. Which means a lot of tribal print scarves, unflattering cardigans, and shawls. SHAWLS.┬áSince my post was about all of the great things that Smash does with costume design, I felt like bringing up Messing’s outfits was counter-productive.

But thank god someone else has confronted this issue. Vulture assembled a slideshow of all of Messing’s fashion fails, so go and check it out. ┬áSpoiler alert: there’s a bonus image of Jack Davenport.

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