Jaime King on “Hart of Dixie”

After The O.C., Rachel Bilson took a break from TV and became everyone’s favorite petite fashionista. (She even just started her own shoe shopping website, Shoemint.) So it was a great surprise when she returned to TV this fall on the CW series Hart of Dixie. Her character Zoe Hart, dresses more or less the same as Bilson in real life, with a metropolitan look consisting of a lot of shorts paired with heels. But her wardrobe palette of blacks and browns can be a little monotonous.

More interesting is the style worn by her character’s nemesis, Lemon Vreeland. Played by Jaime King, Lemon is the “quintessential” southern belle, wearing feminine skirts in frothy fabrics of pastel shades. While her style may not represent accurately that of the contemporary southern belle, it’s still fun to look at every week.

Here is a slideshow of some of the looks worn by King this season.

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